"because andrew"

Aug 7

remember when every single old alternative song that ever came out was about jimlock? yeah, me too.

I hear a voice say “Don’t be so blind”
It’s telling me all these things
That you would probably hide
Am I your one and only desire?
Am I the reason you breathe
Or am I the reason you cry?

Always, always, always
I just can’t live without you

I left my head around your heart
Why would you tear my world apart?

I see the blood all over your hands
Does it make you feel more like a man?
Was it all just a part of your plan?
The pistol’s shaking in my hands
And all I hear is the sound

I love you, I hate you
I can’t get around you
I breathe you, I taste you
I can’t live without you
I just can’t take anymore
This life of solitude
I pick myself off the floor
And now I’m done with you
Always, always, always 

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