"because andrew"

Jul 17

Andrew Scott is a prescription medication to treat and prevent depression and anxiety.

You should not use Andrew Scott if you are allergic to any of the ingredients (including sex appeal, charisma, adorableness, toasters, adam’s apples, and brogue). You should not use Andrew Scott if you have low tolerance for sexual frustration, have ovaries that work poorly, or cannot stay seated looking at pictures of Andrew Scott all day. Do not use Andrew Scott if you have a desire to have a life. If you have diabetes, please tell your doctor before you start using Andrew Scott, as his sweetness may be a problem for you. Stop using Andrew Scott and tell your doctor if you experience difficult or painful feels, heartbreak, or severe and or continuing arousal, as these may be signs of serious sexual fetishes beginning to develop. Follow dosing instructions carefully to lower the chance of these events occuring, and be aware of the tendency to use too much Andrew Scott. Side effects for Andrew Scott are generally mild to moderate and may include odontophilia, squeeling, fantasizing, reblogging, gifing, crying, giggling, rewatching, moaning, or borderline stalking. Contact your doctor if symptoms are severe. Andrew Scott may cause premature ejaculation, eyebrow fixations, inability to love anyone who isn’t Andrew Scott, and photoshopping. Tell your health care providers, including your psychiatrist, about the amount of Andrew Scott that you plan to use. 

Check with your doctor today to see if Andrew Scott is right for you.

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